What makes us different?

There are a lot of Blue Lotus extracts and tinctures on the market today, but unlike most, we’d like you to know what’s in our bottle. Our Blue Lotus Sacrament is a completely organic, sacred product ... and believe it or not, prayed over for 3 months during fermentation. Like all living things, the subtle energies of intention and prayer have a proven effect upon herbal preparations, and we take this very seriously.

Altar of Nefertem 2011

How we make it

Most tinctures are made with distilled alcohol, generally Vodka or Rum, simply added to the herbs. Our Sacred Blue Lotus tinctures are Wine based so that we can slowly ferment the Blue Lotus flowers. This is a handcrafted product, made in small batches of just 12 gallons at a time, which takes six months to prepare.

We use organic Pinot Noir grapes from the Alexander Valley, in California ... two hundred pounds, hand-picked by the Priesthood. These are crushed and thirty pounds of Blue Lotus flowers are added to ferment for 30 days. The result is a Blue Lotus ‘wine-base’, which is strained and placed in secondary fermentation for an additional 90 days before bottling for aging.




Our Blue Lotus is of the highest quality, certified organic, sustainably harvested, and handpicked one flower at a time. No chemicals are ever used on the flowers, so what we get is absolutely pure.


We rinse the Blue Lotus flowers to remove any dust and rehydrate them, generously mixing these with the grapes, organic honey, and Blue Lotus extract.

From this wine-base we create our tinctures, by adding more Blue Lotus flowers and a special 50:1 extract in the final product.

We believe the result is unlike anything else on the market today!



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