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We are the Priesthood of Nefertem, caretakers of the divine sacrament of the Ancients, the Sacred Blue Lotus.

For over 3000 years the priests and priestesses of the Blue Lotus grew, fermented, and distributed this divine sacrament throughout the known world. Now, after nearly 1600 years, the Priesthood has returned with a secret nearly lost in time.

The Priesthood provides ceremonies, training, general education, and products for the enlightenment of the human race. We believe the Sacred Blue Lotus is the gift of the Gods, given to mankind to connect us to our  divine origins. Thus, the Order actively offers these teachings to individuals drawn to this knowledge and lineage of service to the Gods.    

Our mission is to restore this original and sacred  sacrament to it’s rightful place in religious ceremonies regardless of faith or divine personification. The Priesthood believes there should be no reason Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, or Hindu should not use this holy sacrament. Ceremonial use of the Sacred Flower provides a deeper connection with the divine, regardless of how that spirit is seen, named, or imagined.

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The Priesthood of Nefertem is an open format, educational social-enterprise whose mission is to restore the knowledge of the Sacred Blue Lotus.

We have recreated a sacramental tincture of the divine flower we have named Nefertem, in honor of the God who has protected it for over 5000 years.

The Priesthood provides ceremonies and spiritual training in the use and application of the energy accessed by the Blue Lotus experience.


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If you are called to service in this way, we invite you to contact us for further information on Priesthood training. priesthood@sacredbluelotus.com

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