“Having experienced most of the indigenous psychotropics, I can say the Blue Lotus is the most unusual of them all. It’s not hallucinogenic or an out-of-body experience, but instead, a deep meditative trance state which clears the mind. Amazing stuff and legal!”  - William

Blue Lotus is an incredibly powerful medicine that works to open and align you both energetically and physically. It allows for a spiritually expansive and connecting experience, as well as working as a heart opener. During my time working with the Blue Lotus tinctures, I received many visions and insights into the world of my inner psyche and learned many tools for enhancing my connection to a higher spiritual force. I would recommend this medicine for anyone who is looking to connect with their higher selves and learn from an ancient and medicinal practice.” - Dasi

Did you know the Blue Lotus flower is incredibly rare? Sadly, the Egyptian Blue Lotus is now almost extinct, having fallen victim to the terrible pollution on the Nile. Retail Blue Lotus was grown in Thailand, however that farm has closed.





Being a veteran with plant based medicines, I was pleasantly surprised when I worked with the Blue Lotus. I felt a subtle, yet strong energetic clearing, while still being present. A sense of well being was the overall feeling while experiencing major energetic activity in my body. The experience was so awesome I started using it with my bodywork clients, with wonderful results. Everyone has reported they felt relaxed and open. The Blue Lotus clears their energetic bodies quickly, allowing me to go deeper into their process, resulting in deep energetic, emotional and physical healing. It is now a regular part of my practice. I highly recommend the Blue Lotus for a safe way to facilitate deep communion with oneself on all levels!”   - Wendy

“The Sacred Blue Lotus Tincture is truly magical and powerful medicine! it helped me to sleep better, get into deeper meditation states, I became more sensitive to energies in other dimensions. It was life changing experience for me and I'm forever in love with blue lotus!  - Kristina


What are the effects of Blue Lotus?

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