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Dedicated to the Ancient Egyptian
Blue Lotus Sacrament.

For over 3000 years the Blue Lotus (actually a water lily) was used medicinally and spiritually by the priesthoods of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. So important was this flower, the Egyptians dedicated a god, Nefertem, to protect and care for it. Representations of Blue Lotus are carved on every temple and every tomb ... even King Tut  was found covered in the sacred flowers.






lotus_tileThe Egyptian Blue Lotus flower is now nearly extinct, and the priesthood of Nefertem is no longer able to offer the sacrament for sale.

The remaining Blue Lotus has been reserved for private religious ceremonies.

We invite you to explore the history and wealth of information presented here. The uses of this magical herb are still being discovered ... and we are all spiritual archeologists on this path of sacred enlightenment.




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