Blue Lotus Egyptian Tour 2020

Presence of Heart, LLC

“The Blue Lotus Egyptian Pilgrimage”

February 13-26th, 2020

Guided by Terri Geissinger and Rev. Aryshta Dean

You are invited to accompany master storyteller Terri Geissinger and historian Rev. Aryshta Dean to Egypt on the spiritual adventure of a lifetime – and to help bring awareness to save the Sacred Blue Lotus from extinction! 

For thousands of years, the ancient Egyptians and Greeks used the Blue Lotus sacrament to induce a mystical experience to commune with the gods. Representations of this flower were carved on virtually every temple wall and tomb in Egypt – even the Pharaoh Tutankhamun was discovered wearing a necklace of Blue Lotus. This plant was so important to the Egyptians, they believed it to be the living incarnation of a God, Nefertem – the son of Sekhmet and Ptah. Now, this sacred flower is almost extinct, and Rev. Aryshta leads a non-profit organization dedicated to the historical education and re-creation of the sacramental use of this rare, exotic plant. 

This is an incredible opportunity to be part of a small group of just sixteen people – who will have private access to some of the major ancient Egyptian temples, including inside the Great Pyramid of Giza! Join Terri and Aryshta for fourteen days of luxury and history, as you sail down the Nile on the private, luxury yacht, the Afandina – a replica of the classic sailing Dahabiyas of the 1800s.  This is the trip you’ve been waiting for – the spiritual adventure of a lifetime!






Sacred Pilgrimage to Egypt Includes

  • Deluxe accommodations throughout Egypt
  • Nine days aboard our private dahabeya yacht, the Afandina, with most meals by our personal chef
  • All sight-seing entrance fees, including the Cairo Museum
  • Special private visits to many sites, including the Sphinx, Great Pyramid, and the Temple of Isis
  • Our own personal Egyptologist to guide the group
  • Egyptian history presentations, meditations and ceremonies by Rev. Aryshta and Terri
  • All tour transportation including airport transfers
  • Breakfast daily, and most lunches and dinners
  • Opportunities to shop at local markets and meet the wonderful Egyptian people



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