The Blue Lotus in Greece

Meet Phrasikleia, Greek Kore (maiden) and ‘Priestess of the Blue Lotus’, circa 540 B.C. Discovered in 1972 outside Athens, her statue represents one of the greatest quandaries ever presented to the contemporary historical narrative.  Phrasikleia web

The question no archeologist wants to ask is, why is this Greek woman crowned with, and reverently presenting, a flower which ONLY grew in Egypt?
How could she, (or the sculptor), have even known of such a flower, much less have the subject so obviously dedicated to it?

In all probability, this woman was a priestess to Demeter, and associated with the Eleusinian  Mysteries. The Goddess Demeter also carried a Blue Lotus staff, like the Egyptian deities, as a symbol of spiritual power and enlightenment. 

This statue begs the question, what was so important - so valuable - about this flower that it was being traded between Greece and Egypt before classical civilization even began? Was the Blue Lotus imported to be used as one of the ingredients in the sacred entheogenic drink of the Eleusinian Mysteries?
There are many indications it may well have ...

2) The Eleusinian Mysteries were “medicine ceremonies”, a secret entheogenic experience open to all Greek peoples. 



This life sized funerary statue, now standing in the Athens Museum, clearly proves the Blue Lotus was a recognized entheogen in Greece. The shear difficulty and enormous cost of shipping these flowers 600 miles across the Mediterranean makes it obvious these are not just pretty “symbolic”, or “poetic” decorations ... this woman dedicated her life to the Sacred Flower, and she was remembered for it.

Phrasikleia lotus web

Phrasikleia wears a wreath of alternating open and closed lotus blossoms, golden lotus-bud jewelry, and holds a closed lotus bud in her hand. Her dress is decorated with poppy flowers, indicating these psychotropic plants were probably used together (as also represented in Egypt a thousand years earlier).

The mystery of Phrasikleia is the subject of the forth- coming book by our own high-priestess, to be released in 2015.


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